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Change Dyslexia

Our dream in Change Dyslexia is to eliminate school failure as a primary way dyslexia is identified. Change Dyslexia is a non-for profit organization that brings research based solutions for people with dyslexia. The tools focus on early identification (Dytective) and intervention (Piruletras/Dyseggxia).


Each person in Change Dyslexia offer the best they can do: research in differents areas, software development, and design, among others. The amazing teams are lead by Luz Rello, Ashoka Fellow and Special Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University

Luz Rello


Post Doctoral Fellow
Carnegie Mellon University
Ashoka Fellow

Early Detection - Dytective


Dytective is a game that aims to identify and improve linguistic and attention abilities of people with dyslexia. Currently, we are conducting research to improve its accuracy.

Play Dytective

Read our research paper

Dytective: Toward a Game to Detect Dyslexia

Luz Rello, Abdullah Ali, Jeffrey P. Bigham

Intervention - Piruletras

Piruletras (Dyseggxia) is a game that significantly improves the spelling of children with dyslexia.

Play Piruletras

Read our research paper

A Computer-Based Method to Improve the Spelling of Children with Dyslexia

Luz Rello, Clara Bayarri, Yolanda Otal, Martin Pielot

In collaboration with CREIX Barcelona a Lestonnac School we evaluated Piruletras with 48 children with diagnosed dyslexia and after playing Piruletras (Dyseggxia) for four weeks in a row they had significantly less writing errors. It is available for English, Spanish and German. Winner of the first prize of the Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards 2013.

Clara Bayarri - Software Engineering

Azuki Gòrriz - Graphics

Luz Rello - Research

Advisory Board

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Vice President of Research

Yahoo Labs

Jeff Bigham

Associate Professor

Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Language Technologies Institute

Carnegie Mellon University

Antonella Broglia

TEDx Senior Ambassador

Ambassador Ashoka Spain


Nancy Cushen White

Clinical Professor

Department of Pediatrics

University of California-San Francisco

Learning Specialist

Dyslexia Consultant

Joaquim Llisterri

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Lluis Miret

Chief Operating Officer

Institute for Lifelong Learning

University of Barcelona

Ana Sáenz de Miera

Ashoka Europe Co-leader

Ashoka Spain & Portugal Director

Miquel Serra

Professor of Psychology

Language Disorders

University of Barcelona

Award winning technology


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Debate on social entrepreneurship in Para Todos La 2, Spain National TV channel [Spanish]
Questions and Answers session with the public about the TEDxMadrid talk [Spanish]
Innovator under 35 and Social innovator of the year by MIT’s Technology Review, Spanish edition [Spanish with subtitles]
Luz Rello is awarded by the European Young Researchers’ Award 2013, TV3 reportage [Catalan and Spanish]
Scientific American [Spanish] ‘Apps’ logran resolver las dificultades de la dislexia
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